DRST Contacts

The Devon Rural Skills Trust is a charity, run by volunteers, and is primarily a provider of training courses. (We are sorry but the DRST is not a commercial contracting organisation or consultancy and cannot provide labour or advice for those purposes).

If you have any enquiries about our activities please fill in the form below or you can contact the most relevant person directly using the details at the bottom of the page.






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Membership Secretary

Nick Dawe - Tel: 01884 254953 (after 6.30pm) or email membership@drst.org.uk

Course Enquiries and Bookings

Joseph Orpen - Tel: 07488 396964 or email payments@drst.org.uk

Training Scheme Administrator

Laura Tunstall - Tel: 07743 858781 or email training@drst.org.uk

List of Practitioners

Don Gaskins - Tel: 01752 336049 or email practitionerdb@drst.org.uk

Publicity Officer

Chris Baker - Email publicity@drst.org.uk

Web Site

Email webmaster@drst.org.uk