DRST Training Scheme

Green Woodworking

In addition to the regular Saturday courses for the general public, the DRST also runs a Training Scheme for people who wish to work in the trade. Trainees get free Saturday courses as well as one-to-one training days. The scheme is divided into three phases:

Phase One: Selection

Prospective trainees are expected to pay for and attend a minimum of 10 Saturday Courses prior to beginning of the Phase Two. This gives the DRST a chance to assess the ability and commitment of the trainee, and allows the trainee time to try out the skills and familiarise themselves with the instructors. At the end of this period, the committee, along with the trainee, will decide whether to continue on to the next phase.

Phase Two: Training

This is the main body of the training and should be completed in 18 months, but can be extended if necessary. The trainee will attend all Saturday courses free of charge, and will have 36 days of one-to-one training with DRST approved instructors/practitioners. During this period the trainee is expected to keep a logbook of his/her work which will be regularly assessed. The trainee receives £20 per day for each training day completed.

Phase Three: Experience

Once phase two has been completed, the trainee is encouraged to attend Saturday courses where he/she will further his/her skills and help to train course participants. Once sufficient experience has been gained, the trainees will be assessed in their ability to become instructors and be recognised in the Directory of Practitioners. During this phase, trainees do not have to pay for courses. If you are interested in becoming a trainee, please contact our Training Scheme Administrator.