Tools and Equpment for Courses

Steel toe capped boots, gloves and waterproof outdoor clothing are recommended on all courses, both for safety and comfort.

The tools listed below are used on various DRST courses. Bring your own if you have them. Otherwise, DRST has a range of tools which can be loaned and shared on the day. Click on the links for information about the less common tools.


Billhook, bow saw, felling axe, beetle, leather gloves, pruning saw, digger, slasher, rope, loppers, shovel.

Cleft Gate Hurdles

Froe, mallet, shave horse, drawknife, axe, billhook, twybil, chisel, hammer, nails, mortice template, tape measure, notebook & pencil.

Wattle Hurdles

Bowsaw, billhook, mouldboard, loppers, mallet, chopping block.

Cob Walling

Shovel, fork, digger, thwacker, level.


Bowsaw, billhook, felling axe, mallet, digger.


Digger, shovel, hammer, trowel, beetle, kneeling pad.

Stone Work

Digger, shovel, crowbar, gloves, beetle, hammer, safety glasses. NOTE Steel toe capped boots are essential.

Turf Hedging

Digger, shovel, billhook, bow saw.


Billhooks are the workhorse tool of rural crafts. Used for cutting, trimming, shaping, and splitting both cut poles and living stems.


A twybil is a green woodworking tool used to create mortice holes. It combines the chopping and levering actions required in a single tool.