DRST Grant Scheme

The DRST has decided to commence a small grant scheme to encourage and support working age and particularly young people to get involved with the continuance of rural skills.

In accordance with the DRST Charitable Objectives listed in its Governing Document and agreed with the Charity Commission, the scheme will only be open to DRST Members. It will be of particular interest to those members who already work in the rural skills industry and those who are considering a career change and contemplating the commencement of a start-up company. Members who are considering a one-off project are also encouraged to apply. £2000 will be made available in each financial year commencing with financial year 2022/23.

There will be a limitation of one application per individual member each new financial year but, following the award of a successful application, any further applications will not be considered for a period of 5 years.To qualify you should have been a DRST member for at least one year and have attended a minimum of five Saturday courses.

(Charity Commission Regulations prevent DRST Committee Members from being able to apply.)

The maximum funding for any one application will be £500.

Applications for grant consideration should be forwarded in writing or email to the DRST Committee. Emails should be sent to payments@drst.org.uk where they will be forwarded to appropriate DRST committee members.

Applications should include the following information:

  • Name address contact details.
  • Detailed brief/business case explaining what the grant would be used for.
  • Total amount of grant request.
  • Time scale for grant expenditure.

The following list, although not exhaustive, contains examples of what might be considered appropriate for a grant application:

  • Purchase of specialist tools to assist with business start-up or support to your current business or project.
  • Course fees for formal education in the Rural Skills domain to assist with business start-up and current business or project.
  • Test/Examination fees for example for chainsaw/power tool instruction and certification.

Successful applicants will normally be expected to initially pay the expense out of their own funds and then claim the grant on provision of a purchase invoice for goods and/or services for which the grant was awarded. If the grant is for training courses or examinations/tests, a certificate of attendance will also be required together with the purchase invoice.

Following the award of a successful application further applications will not be considered for period of 3 years.

The Committee are looking forward to receiving and reviewing your applications.

Please send applications to payments@drst.org.uk.